Unmasked: More With Julie Gilbert Newrai

We introduced you to super hero Julie Gilbert Newrai on Monday, but if you missed it, here’s a refresher as to what
she’s done in the world!

Julie Gilbert Newrai is a successful (that’s an understatement) serial entrepreneur…responsible for over 11 Billion (with a B!) in new business growth—both inside large corporations like Best Buy and outside. She is a Founding Principal of “Wolf Means Business”, a global innovation company founded on respect for customers and employees. She’s now rolling out a new business called PreciouStatus, a high tech mobile communication platform for people with loved ones in care facilities. Oh…and she’s a wife to Sohrab and mommy to Arman. Want to know more? Click here!

Tells us some easy first steps on the road to super powers?

Julie Gilbert Newrai:

  • Be true to yourself
  • Eat vegtables
  • Get your sleep (it always looks better tomorrow)

Share a mastery secret for all those super heroes out there…

JGN: Take quiet time to yourself even though it may only be able to be a few minutes throughout the day…get sleep.

How would the four year-old you define a hero?

JGN: Someone who always seeks to help someone else feel good about themselves and what they bring to the world.

What’s your best piece of super hero advice you’ve ever received?

JGN: Stand in your power zone

What’s your super hero name?

JGN: HEART Mobilizer

Love it! Thanks, Julie, for taking the time to share!

We’ll be back on Friday to launch you into the weekend!